Glass Shower Enclosures
Glass Shower Enclosures

Glass shower enclosures are available from eShowerDoor in a wide selection of styles and designs. We manufacture shower doors and put together easy-to-install shower door kits, which include everything you need to make your shower project as simple as possible. Now contractors don't have to subcontract out the glass shower enclosures. They just measure the space and order an eShowerDoor kit and install it themselves. We can help you make the most of your space with kits made to order. You provide the measurements and design choices, and we build it to fit.

We can manufacture a custom glass shower enclosure to fit any space. The customer specifies the space dimensions and selects glass type, hardware styles, and finishes. Since eShowerDoor is cutting the glass to specified sizes, we can offer the customer the option to customize the glass edge work. A standard glass shower enclosure has the top edges of all the panels at the same height and squared off. At eShowerDoor, you have the option of over a dozen fabrication options for the top edge of the shower enclosure. You can do the dramatic erratic edge, radius corners, clipped corners, scalloped corners, and many others. To review all of these options visit the fabrication option gallery.

There is one more area where eShowerDoor offers the customer a chance to customize their enclosure. We have a large library of carved glass designs from which the customer can chose. Most of the design can be cut as a frosted design on clear glass, or for more privacy a clear design on frosted glass. The designs are sandblasted onto the glass surface and will not chip or peal.

At eShowerDoor, we are in the unique business of custom manufacturing glass shower enclosures for individual homes. We prepare the design according to the criteria you send. Every piece is made to order. Browse our website to find the style and design you need. We guarantee the lowest prices. For more information contact us at

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