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Choosing the right shower doors to complement the décor of a newly remodeled bathroom can be a challenging part of a building or remodeling project. With so many different styles of shower doors to choose from, it is often difficult to know which design scheme to choose. At eShowerDoor, we have every style and design imaginable. Whether you are a contractor or you are attempting a weekend remodeling job, our wide selection of both traditional and unique shower doors makes it possible for your project to be a complete success at an affordably low cost.

EShowerDoor specializes in the manufacturing of custom shower doors. We use only the highest quality materials in manufacturing a shower door kit. We start with 3/8 or 1/2 inch annealed glass, which is basically very thick window glass. We cut it to size, polish the edges, cut notches and drill holes as required. After the glass passes a physical inspection, it goes into the tempering process. The glass is heated to about 1,200 degrees and then quenched with cool air on both sides. The cool air hardens the outside surface of the glass. As the inner core of the glass cools it tries to shrink, creating internal stresses between the outside and the internal core of the glass. Tempered glass is six to eight times stronger than the annealed glass we started with. Once the glass is made into safety glass it can't be cut, drilled, or modified. Although tempered glass is stronger, it can be broken. If it does break it instantly breaks into small pieces. You can get cut with safety glass, but the cuts aren't serious in nature. Always wear safety goggles when handling any type of glass.

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We have several types and colors of glass at eShowerDoor--clear, crystal clear, gray, bronze, frosted, baroque, rain, glue chip, clear granite, gray granite, and bronze granite.We make our shower doors out of 3/8 in. (10 mm) and 1/2 in. (12 mm) thick glass. This thick glass is structurally sound and rigid enough to make metal frames unnecessary.

We have everything a contractor needs for any project, no matter how large or how small. Whether bi-fold, corner, frameless, neo angle, trackless, and more, we can manufacture a complete shower kit just for you. We use only the finest hardware and accessories to make the finished product one you and your customer will be proud of. For more information or for pricing, contact us at A representative will be glad to assist you.

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