7/32" Translucent Vinyl Bulb Seal with No Adhesive

7/32" Vinyl Bulb Seal w/ No Adhesive
  • Non-drictional Seal
  • Install with Super Glue
  • For Glass Edge or Wall
  • Stock lengths 98"
  • 6 mm Rigid Flat
  • This 7/32" ( 5.6mm) Translucent Vinyl Bulb Seals comes with .020" ( .5 mm) thick transparent adhesive. This seal is non-directional, and can be used on inswing or outswing doors. Stock lengths are 98" and can be cut to size.

7/32" Vinyl Bulb Seal w/ No Adhesive

This is one of the most popular seals. It comes on two sizes, 5/32" and 7/32". The 7/32" is a seal shipped with our shower doors. It is bi-directional so it lets the swing in and out of the shower. When installed properly it should just kiss the other surface. This is the seal which is used close off the gaps around the movable transom on steam showers.