Shower Door Introduction
In these changing times the bathroom has become one of the most important rooms in the home and one of the most remodeled.  The latest bathroom remodeling trend has made the bathroom into a real show-piece.  A key component in this transformation is the shower and/or tub.

eShowerDoor specializes in the manufacturing of the Heavy Glass Frameless shower doors.  Our Euro Series Frameless enclosure is the latest rage in upscale bathroom remodel.  The thicker glass used in the enclosure allows the units to be freestanding and the lack of frame and minimal channeling visually opens the space and gives the quality feel of pure glass.

The flexibility of Euro Series offers the designer the ability to create a customized or personalized look to match the consumers tastes and needs. Designer options include a selection of glass types and colors, hardware finishes, carved glass designs, and specialty accessories. Visit the Euro Frameless Galleries, Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Gallery 3, and Gallery4 for pictures of installed units.

Neo Angle Shower Door
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Steam Shower Door

Unit Pricing:

The Euro Series pricing is based on the square footage of glass for the glass and design work.  We have a wide selection of hinges and pull handles, the pricing varies bases on style on finish. Most Euro hardware requires that the glass is manufactured to receive the hardware, (e.g. notches or holes). If you have space dimensions you can use the Euro Series Quote System to determine the unit cost.  

The Euro Series has three basic types of units.  There are side hinged units, pivot hinged units and bath screens. Bath screens are covered in their own pages of this web site. To reach the correct quote /order pages for your unit you need to first select the correct Style and Layout.


Manufacturing Time:

Our standard manufacturing time is two weeks. All glass goes through a final quality check where the glass is inspected for form, edge quality and scratches. If the glass is rejected, it can take a couple of extra days to ship. Units which have custom carved glass designs take three weeks to ship.


We ship units daily to the East Coast. The shipping cost vary bases on unit weight and destination. Shipments to NY tend to cost $ 120 -200, and take 5 travel days. Shipments on the West Coast tend to cost $ 75-100, and take two days. Contact customer service to obtain a shipping cost quote for your unit.


Additional Hardware Solutions:

We have another division of the company which is focused on serving the hospitality market. If you have special glass or glass hardware needs you may want check out the hardware at



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