ULT037PS - Ultimate 037 Series Polished Stainless Steel Wall Mount Hinge

Solid Stainless Steel Construction

Hinge Swings: 90° in and 90° out

Dsigned for 3/8" or 1/2" Glass

Three Year Warranty

The Ultimate Series of professional hinges is able to accommodate 3/8 to 1/2 inch (10 to 12 millimeter) glass. A variety of two styles, Wall Mount and Glass-to-Glass types, gives design flexibility.The Ulimate Series Hinge is named primarily for its combination of design elegance and service life. Featuring the same beautiful rounded corners and beveled edges of the Pinnacle Hinge, the Ulimate Hinge is constructed entirely of stainless steel.This all-stainless construction gives the Ultimate Hinge a durability not usually found in brass hinges. The Ulimate has superior survivability in conditions of accelerated corrosion, such as seaside communities with high atmospheric salt levels.The Ultimate Hinge has stainless steel plunger tips, pins and springs to endure long service life and reliable door closure.
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