Bath Screen Layout Selection
Use this page to identify the style of your unit. There are two primary terms, style and layout, used to describe a Bath Screen configuration. Find the picture below that best matches your unit. Click the image to reach the quote / order work sheet.
Click on the image that matches your Bath Screen.


STYLE _BS1A & BS1B - Hinge left or right bath screen..
A Style 1 Euro Bath Screen is a movable bath screen hinged off the wall.  The screen can have squared corners or any of the fabrication options. Also showen here is the double bath screen which consists of a BS1A and a BS1B mounted opposite each other. This combination is called style BS1AB. This is a true frameless installation which allows full access to the bath / shower area.


STYLE _BS1AB Double Bath Screen, both screen are hinged. Eye brow arch is a fab option
STYLE 2A Hinge left screen hinged off a left fixed panel. Radius corner is a fab option.
STYLE 2B Hinge left door hinged off a right fixed panel. Radius corner in image is a fab option
STYLE 2C Hinge left screen with right fixed screen. Eye brow arch shown in the image is a fab option
STYLE 2D - Hinge right screen with a left fixed panel screen.
A Style 2A and 2B are a movable screen hinged off a fixec panel. Style 2C and 2D are a movable screen plus a fixed panel screen.  The screens can be for a tub or a walk in shower. 
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