Partition Layout Selection
Use this page to identify the style of your surround or partition. Find the picture below that best matches your partition. Click the image to reach the quote / order work sheet.
Click on the image that matches your Screen Partition.
A Style 1 Euro Partition is attached to a wall and the bottom edge off the panel. The images shown here have the 12" radius fabrication option, but any of the fabrication options can be used on these partition. There are additional panels on style 1. 


STYLE _P1A & P1B - Fixed Panel Screen
STYLE 2A - Two Panel structure connected to the left wall.
STYLE 2B -Two Panel structure connected to the right wall.
A Style P2A and P2B are two panel screens. The panles are at an angle to each other to provide structural strength. The panels come together with mitered edges to form an aquarium corner.  The screens can be for a tub or a walk in shower. Glass-to-glass conectors and support bars can be added to provide extra strength on large structures. 
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