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Shower Door Introduction

In these changing times the bathroom has become one of the most important rooms in the home and one of the most remodeled. The latest bathroom remodeling trend has made the bathroom into a real show-piece. A key component in this transformation is the shower and/or tub.

eShowerDoor specializes in the manufacturing of the Heavy Glass Frameless shower doors. Our Euro Series Frameless enclosure is the latest rage in upscale bathroom remodel. The thicker glass used in the enclosure allows the units to be freestanding and the lack of frame and minimal channeling visually opens the space and gives the quality feel of pure glass.

The flexibility of Euro Series offers the designer the ability to create a customized or personalized look to match the consumers tastes and needs. Designer options include a selection of glass types and colors, hardware finishes, carved glass designs, and specialty accessories. Our new quote / order page allows you to build your ideal shower enclosure. You and easily explore the cost of different option. The best thing about then form is that you can save it and recall it later for some fine tuning before you purchase.

There are lots of shower door configurations. A shower has a style number and layout letters. We have broken shower doors into five groups as shown below. If you have a basic shower you want to look at the first group. If you have a corner shower where the corner is angled it would be the second group. Steam showers with movable transoms are the third group. Bath screens which are movable are in the forth group. Fixed panel partitions are in the fifth group. The first step is to determine which style find a layout image which matches your needs group, "Shower Door", includes most of the shower door configurations. Click on the appropriate link below and find the image which matches your shower space. You want to match the number of panels and how they are arranged. Don't worry about panel size.

  1. Shower Door Layout (New Quote System)
  2. Neo Angle Layout
  3. Steam Shower Layout
  4. Bath Screen Layout
  5. Partition Layout
Steam Shower
Style 3AbbS Steam Shower

Build An Easy to Maintain Shower

A key to building a shower that looks great for years is to build it so it is easy to maintain. There are a few basic consideration when designing a shower. Most people only go as far as the pipes are in this wall, and the drain is in the floor. Personally I don't like to take  a lot of time to clean my shower after every use.   I use a squeegee and quickly go over the glass and shower walls just before I get out of the shower.  It takes very little time and keeps the shower looking great.  I come in every week or two and clean everything with the repellent wash. That's it.

Lots of people get get excited about how great their new tile looks, that they fail to pay attention to some small things which can be a big deal. Listed below are a few things to avoid.

1) Water Puddling

Avoid water puddling. First of all you should have a slope of 1 to 1-1/2 degrees into the shower on all flat surfaces such as the curb or seats. Make sure that the drain is the lowest point of the shower. You don't want to have a puddle of water right around the drain. The shower door is going have water running off it onto the curb. Without the slope on the curb water can build up on top of the curb and escape the the outside.

2) Bull Nose Tile

Bull-nose tile should be on top of the curb with the side tiles tucked under them. Doing it the other way will probally hold some water on the curb in the grout lines and is asking for water damage.