Bath & Shower Screens
Bath Screens:
There is a new trend to do away with the old style bypass doors installed on the tub to convert it into a shower/tub combination. Bypass doors by design close off the bathroom with their header, bottom track and wall jambs. There are many different layout configuration varying from simple fixed screens to the dual screen saloon doors style. Visit the Bath Screen Gallery to see some installed units then visit the Fabrication Options gallery to get some ideas of how your screen can be make your screen really special. When you have an idea of what would work best for your bathroom go the the bath Screen Layout Guide to find your style. Just click on the image that matches you needs and you will be taken to the quote/order form where you can specify every aspect of your screen.
Only a few of the fabrications are shown here. Click here to go to the Fabrication Gallery
Standard Screen
(12" radius)
Large Radius Screen
(24" radius)
Half Round Screen
Miter Top Screen
S-Top  Screen
Style 1 & Style 2
Style 1 & Style 2

Style 1


Style 4
(3/4" Glass floor to ceiling )
Style 1AB
Style 1
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